Here is our family blog about Katie, Stephen, Parker, Paige, and Sarah.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When Paige was exactly 2 weeks old we got some family pictures done by my friend Andrea. She is amazing. Here is her website if you are interested.
Here are some of my favorites that she took.
Here is Paige's 2 week old information.
Weight: 8 pounds 14 ounces 50%
Height: 21 1\2 inches 75%
Head: 14 1/2 50%
It is so crazy having such a small baby. Yes I know she really isn't that small, but when I compare her to how small (or I should say large) Parker was at that age she really is tiny.

In other news we have been working on potty training Parker for the past couple weeks. I was about to give up thinking I was trying too close to having a major life changing event in Parker's life, Paige, but then yesterday we started to see some improvement. And today has been even better than yesterday so hopefully he will get the hang of this.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

During Parker's naps he likes to get off his bed and read his books. He has been so tired because he has been having so much fun with his Grandma so he fell asleep reading.

She is here!

Welcome to the world Paige Alyse Nelson. Paige was born March 4, 2010 (yes 6 days late). She was 8 pounds and 20 3/4 inches long. Neither Steve or I thought she was going to be that small. We started contractions at 2:30 am and finally at 6:30 am we headed to the hospital and my Mom stayed with Parker who was still in bed. My contractions were 5-8 minutes apart but because I tested positive for group b my doctors said to get to the hospital early so they could start antibiotics so Paige would not get sick. Well by the time we got to the hospital my contractions were slowing down and after we had been there for an hour my contractions had pretty much stopped. So they did an ultra sound just to make sure I had enough amniotic fluid and to make sure things were still okay with Paige. Everything looked fine so they asked me if I wanted to try some induction gels. They were going to try 2 rounds with the gel and then start some pitocin. Well we decided to go ahead and try it because we were going to be induced in a couple days anyways. Well once they put the first round of gels in I started contractions right away. And they were right on top of each other with literally no breaks. After about 40 minutes they slowed down slightly so they were only maybe 30 seconds apart. And I finally got an epidural, which was wonderful. Paige came soon after that. It was about 3 1/2 hours of labor once I got the gels until she was born. It was so fast and very calm. When she was born she had the cord around her neck, but the doctor was very fast at getting it off and there was no complications from it. They placed her on me once she was born and she fell asleep. Because she was born so quickly they couldn't get enough antibiotics in me to protect her so they had to test her blood and do blood cultures to make sure she was alright. Her test came back with a high white blood cell count so they put her on antibiotics and had to keep her for 48 hours. Everything was fine though and we got to take her home after that. She has been such a great baby. Good eater and sleeper, most of the time. And we are so happy to have her in our family.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

4 days past due and counting

Well here we are 4 days over my due date and I think this little girl doesn't know she is suppose to come out. We went to the doctor yesterday and I am at 3 cm, which is crazy because I was admitted with Parker after 3 hours of labor at only 3 cm. So they said they would do an ultrasound on Friday to make sure that everything is still okay, and yes I will be 41 weeks then. And then if everything is still good then they will induce me Saturday morning bright and early. Just thinking about being 8 days late makes me sad. But the doctor doesn't think I will make it to Saturday and she will come on her own. She apparently is extremely low. So here's hoping that she will come today.