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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Forgot some more pictures.

I forgot to add these pictures that we had taken a few weeks ago. Paige is 8 months old in these and Parker is 3 years old.

Overload of pictures

We have been crazy busy with things. First we went up to Steve's parents' house for Thanksgiving. Then we flew to Florida to go to Disneyworld and Universal Studios with my family. Steve had to go to Orlando for work so he didn't get to the parks with us, but he got to hang out with us at the hotel. So that is why he is not in any of the pictures. Then we went straight to Williams, AZ to go on the Polar Express train ride with some of Steve's family. Enjoy the pictures.

Here we are at a deer farm in Willams. You actually got to feed the deer and walk around by them. They would just come right up to you and want you to feed them.

Here is Parker when he was about to see Santa. Santa gave all the kids a bell.

Here is Parker, his cousin Emma and his Granddad when the train pulled up.

By my parents' hotel in Orlando there was a McDonalds that said that it had the biggest playplace in the world. So of course we had to go see it. It was a lot like Chuck E Cheeses. They did have a big play ground, but there was a lot of video game/ticket games.

We went and did some miniature golf too.

This is from Jaws.

Paige LOVED Barney.

Harry Potter World. It was the reason my family wanted to go. It was impressive.

This was Parker's favorite ride. It was at Universal Studios. It was in Dr. Seuss land. You rode the ride and these fish on the side spit water at you. We got pretty wet.

Parker also loved the merry go round. We rode it a lot too.

Parker loved to see the princesses, but he was so shy.

Parker hit his head and it was the biggest goose egg I have ever seen so I thought I would just put a picture up of it. Ouch! He was a tough little guy. I really think it looks like an egg.