Here is our family blog about Katie, Stephen, Parker, Paige, and Sarah.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I have to start being better about posting. There are quite a few pictures here so get ready. We had a Easter party for preschool at our house this week. We did a bunny theme so we pulled out our bouncy house, made bunny cupcakes, and had a Easter egg hunt. The kids had a blast! Lucky for us the weather has been so great this winter that we get to play outside.  

 Paige has totally become a little mom. She loves babies. She will try to take care of them like you would a real baby. She likes to line up her babies and then "change" their diaper. She pulls out diaper wipes and will change them. It is so funny. She also loves to feed her babies. I am hoping that she will love her new sister just as much and will want to help out just as much.

 Paige loves to play outside all of the time. I love being able to just let the kids outside and play. Parker will push Paige on the swing.
 Here in Ohio we have so much yard work. We had a bunch of mulch delivered a couple weeks ago and have been spending our time spreading it around. Parker loves to help his dad do this.

 In March we were lucky enough to have my mom and sister come out for a visit. We got to do lots of fun things with them. Ride the train at the mall go mini-golfing, and go to Parker's favorite places to go out to eat, Panera and Olive Garden.

 Steve has been out of town quite a bit in the past month and I decided to let the kids try to do a sleep over in Paige's room. They did really well, until Paige was ready to actually go to sleep. She wouldn't sleep on the floor. She just got up and got into her bed. But they both slept through the night and thought it was the best thing ever.
We have also been to some really fun birthday parties recently. One of Parker's friends had their birthday at a roller rink. Steve was out of town so I got to go by myself with the kids. This was their first time rollerskating so I had to hold each of their hands at the same time and try to keep them both from falling. Not so easy being 8 months pregnant. But it was so much fun! 
 Then we got to do another birthday at build a bear. Very cool! I did not know that you could do birthday parties there.
 We got to celebrate Paige's birthday in March! She is now 2. She loves Minnie Mouse so we had everything Minnie for her. Steve's mom and brother Jordan got to come out and celebrate with us. Here are Paige's stats.
Height: 34 inches- 62%
Weight: 24.11 pounds- 23%
Head: 47.7 cm- 76%

 We went to the children's museum for Paige's birthday.

 For one of Parker's field trips for preschool we went to visit a fire station. They were so great with the kids and let them pretend to drive the fire truck.

 Here are the kids making their valentines.