Here is our family blog about Katie, Stephen, Parker, Paige, and Sarah.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our 4th of July

For our 4th of July we went over to a friend's house and got to do some fireworks. They got some really cool fireworks and then we were able to see the firework show from their backyard. We weren't able to start the fireworks until it got dark, around 9:30pm and then the show started at 10:00pm. The kids were getting pretty tired, but didn't really notice because it was so cool.

We made some dirt dessert before we went over for fireworks and we told Parker that it was dirt and he didn't want to eat it. He finally saw that it had gummy worms in it and he thought that it would be alright to try them. He still wouldn't eat the pudding. After we told him that it was just pudding and cookie crumbs, we made him take a bite. You can see from his tears that he didn't believe us. He wouldn't eat any more after that. Paige on the other hand thought that it was yummy!

Chick fil a was giving away free food today if you dressed like a cow. So we made some costumes and went down there. Here are the kids in their cow costumes. Too bad I had to be the one taking the pictures so you didn't get to see me in mine. :)

Paige wanted to go see the cow too, but when she got about 3 feet from it, she changed her mind and only wanted to stay by me.