Here is our family blog about Katie, Stephen, Parker, Paige, and Sarah.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The good and the bad

We have had a very busy couple weeks. To start off Steve got a job. It is in East Mesa. He will be programing simulations to train soldiers in the military. He will be starting the background check soon and then hopefully will start working soon. That is the good news. The bad news is that Steve is in the hospital. I took him the the ER while we were up in Bullhead City visiting his parents a week and a half ago on Saturday. They told us he had bronchitis and a virus. With sleep and good rest he should get better in a few days. We came home and he wasn't really getting better. Finally on Wednesday he agreed to go to urgent care to see why he was still so sick. Walked in and they took his vitals and told us if they couldn't get his breathing up we would have to go to the ER. Well they couldn't so we went to the ER. Turns out he has a very severe case of pneumonia and he also has influenza. So they admitted him right away.  His release date keeps getting pushed back because he isn't improving very quickly. Yesterday they pushed his release date to the 2nd of April. When we first got to the hospital they put him into isolation and he is still in a isolation room. They made us put on these masks, gloves and gowns. Now we don't have to put them on unless we get within three feet of him. And on another note I had to take Parker into the doctor on Friday because he was getting sick also and we didn't want him to get what Steve has. It turns out that he just has another ear infection and is on antibiotics and should get better soon. I just want to say thank you to all our friends and family who have helped us during this time. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Parker, Amanda, Kiersten, Mom and I were able to go to a rodeo a few weeks ago. Parker loved to see the horses, cattle and bulls. But most of all he loved to eat the Cowboy Popcorn. 

Parker got a puzzle awhile ago that has the alphabet on cardboard pieces. Well he decided that those pieces needed to go inside the Wii. So he ejected the disk in the Wii and started putting in puzzle pieces. And of course we didn't notice him doing this (because he is sneaky).  So the next time we started the Wii we couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. Then we saw the disk hidden and figured it out. Steve had to take apart the Wii to get the puzzle pieces out. We were so worried that it wasn't going to work and even more worried that we would lose all our data. All that hard work to pass Mario Kart (April would love that). Well my brilliant husband was able to not only get the pieces out but it worked and still had all our data on it. If you look really hard on the last picture you can see in the circle holes blue and pink, those are the puzzle pieces. 

Here are a few pictures of what we do during the day. Yes, that is Parker in our entertainment center reading his books.