Here is our family blog about Katie, Stephen, Parker, Paige, and Sarah.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Christmas, a little late

For Christmas we got to go to my parents' house and celebrate with them. Parker and Paige are very loved by all of his family and it showed in the gifts that they received. Parker was loving every minute of it. We had so much fun hanging out with them and this was my brother's last Christmas before he goes on his mission. He is going to Anchorage, Alaska. He leaves February 9th.  

After Christmas Parker, Paige and I went on a trip to Utah with my mom and brother. It was Parker and Paige's first real experience with snow. All Parker wanted to do was to build a snow man, but it was too cold and the snow wouldn't stick together. All he could do was make a snow angle. He was not happy with his snow angle because when he got up from making it he had to step in it and it made it "all messy". 

 We have flagstone in our back yard and our dog, Cesar, likes to dig in between the flagstone. It doesn't look very pretty when he does that. So one week when my father in law was down here, he decided to take on a project of putting cement in between the flagstone. Well it was a pretty big project and he got most of it done, but I had to finish up putting some of the cement in. Luckily my brother helped me finish it up. It was too hard to try to do it by myself with two kids who really cant help much. Well here is the finished project.
 Paige found my drink while we were waiting at a tire store getting new tires put on my car. She was very sneaky. Good thing she can't drink out of a straw yet.
I had to add this video of Paige. She started walking the day before she turned 10 months old, so we are counting it as 9 months old... it counts right? Well a couple of weeks ago she was playing in our closet of toys downstairs and I turn around and she came out like this. It is Parker's sword. By the time my father in law got out his phone and started filming her she had been doing this for a couple of minutes. Enjoy!