Here is our family blog about Katie, Stephen, Parker, Paige, and Sarah.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Well we have been here for a month now. Steve's work paid for our first month at the Residence Inn and then we were on our own on finding a place. Our last day was on Easter so we had to move to the Comfort Inn (a much more affordable place) until we close on our house. We have about 3 weeks. I really miss the 2 bedrooms and kitchen/living area. We have been here 1 night in our studio type of hotel room and it is hard.

Well for Easter we did it small this year, knowing we would have to be packed up and out of our hotel that same morning, there wasn't a lot of time. We knew we would have no fridge for a few hours, since check out time and check in time leave a gap (so hard with kids and nap time and EVERYTHING was closed for Easter Sunday) . We decided to decorate the plastic eggs so we wouldn't have to deal with eggs going bad. We got a whole bunch of stickers and stuck them on the plastic eggs. Then we left them out and the Easter Bunny came and filled them with candy/toys and hid them around our hotel room. I would show you pictures, but we took them on Steve's phone and he is at work. We also got the kids pictures taken in their Easter outfits, but I haven't gotten them out of the car yet. So... look for them soon.

Here is a picture of our new house that we should (hopefully) close on in a few weeks. There have been way more problems closing then we have anticipated. Most of them coming from still owning our home in Arizona, but we think everything is figured out now.

Well Paige is just bouncing off the walls these days. She loves to climb and get on top of everything. She can get up on our couch at the hotel and has discovered the pleasure of indoor playgrounds. She will climb all through the tunnels and go down the slides. Parker will help her if she gets lost and can't figure out how to get down.

She also loves to go to time out with Parker, which is funny because Parker is usually in time out because he was being mean to Paige. Don't you just love Parker's face!

Parker has had a hard time not going to preschool these days. He has more spare time and he has discovered the love for photography. I will find him with my phone all the time taking pictures of us, his toys, and furniture. Here are some of his pictures he took.

Oh and have I mentioned how much it rains here! It is crazy. They say it is their rainy season and I believe it. I think we have gotten 12 inches in the past month. April showers brings May flowers right? Well that just means lots of hot chocolate for us. This week we are suppose to have 1 day that wont rain.